Diferentes caras de la moneda

Porque también soy todo esto.

#AntesDeMorir #AntesDeMorir

Esta es mi lista de cosas que quiero hacer antes de morir. ¡Espero poder hacerlas todas!

Apuntes Apuntes

Si me han servido a mí, quizá a ti te ayuden.

Lituania Lituania

Vivo en Kaunas desde el año 2010. Creo que empiezo a conocer el país.

Vídeos Vídeos

Un día descubrí el botón de grabar… y eso es lo que hay.

Viajes Viajes

Siempre que ahorro algo de dinero lo invierto en viajes.

Conciertos Conciertos

Una lista de todos los conciertos a los que he ido.

Últimas entradas

Viajes, entrevistas, reflexiones, medicina y un largo etcétera.

26 agosto

The day I almost got killed in Lithuania.

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The day I almost got killed in Lithuania.

There I was. In a trolleybus. An average looking white person talking to another tourist in english. He was telling me that last night he got super inebriated. That’s why he came to Lithuania, to drink and party and get laid with some Lithuanian girls if he had the chance. He was also an average looking […]

25 agosto

Zen Places.

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Zen Places.

There are sometimes that you are fed up of everything and you totally disconnect with the outer world to enjoy the nature and the simple things in life: sunrise, sun warmth, cold, fresh air, water, breeze, wind, storm. That’s what I like to call a Zen Place. You don’t need to be overwhelmed to go […]

18 agosto

Diving Baptism.

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Diving Baptism.

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know that the other day I had the amazing opportunity to cross out one of the things of my bucket list: Scuba Dive. We did the whole thing with Costa Brava Divers. Amazing staff, very economic prices plus they speak a bunch of languages (catalan, spanish, french, english…). At 17.00 we took a […]

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