What I do

Because I do many things.

Photography Photography

I was 16 when I started taking pictures. Long time since then.

#AntesDeMorir #AntesDeMorir

Esta es mi lista de cosas que quiero hacer antes de morir. ¡Espero poder hacerlas todas!

Medical Notes Medical Notes

A place to find all the notes you need to succeed in your medical degree.

Lituania Lituania

Vivo en Kaunas desde el año 2010. Creo que empiezo a conocer el país.

Vídeos Vídeos

I do love video making. And story telling.

Viajes Viajes

Siempre que ahorro algo de dinero lo invierto en viajes.

Últimas entradas

Viajes, opiniones, reflexiones, medicina y un largo etcétera.

29 noviembre

Roll #2. Overexposed.

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Roll #2. Overexposed.

Remember how not long time ago I told you that I was Going Analogue? Well, since then I have shot few rolls and I’m sort of getting more experienced. See, I started taking pictures almost 10 years ago but I’ve always shot digital. Even though for the last 2-3 years I was trying to shoot as much […]

8 noviembre

Sunday Thoughts: I’m almost done.

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Sunday Thoughts: I’m almost done.

The 23rd of February 2011, I shared my first post on this blog. Going through the old posts, the old me, it’s such an interesting process. I like to remember how I thought then, how I felt then and what things I liked (or loved) almost 6 years ago. At that time I was a first year medical student, and […]

7 noviembre


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Yeohang means Journey in Korean. In the summer of 2014 I was lucky enough to be able to go and visit one of my best friends, Jae, who happens to be a Korean dude who lives in Seoul. That was my very first time in Asia (another thing I did cross off my ‘bucket list‘). It was by far one […]

  • Ieva

    He is a blogger. A musician. Video master and traveler. And despite that, a dutiful medicine student. All at once. It is surprising and inspiring, how come one person can be so good at a bunch of things and yet remain so down to Earth, charismatic and fun.

    - Ieva
  • Karolis

    Innovative, fresh and creative. ‘Fateuser Chronicles’ is right on my street!

    - Karolis
  • Javier (@SrBocachancla)

    Esta web es como el libro abierto de quién y cómo es Pau. Me gusta que comparta cosas de su vida privada (como los viajes que hace y su vida en Kaunas), además de su vida académica y de un diseño muy atractivo. Si quieres conocer a Pau, date un paseo por su web y visita sus vídeos.

    - Javier (@SrBocachancla)

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