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Who is Fateuser?

Fateuser is a twenty-something Spanish medical doctor, photographer, film maker, blogger and adventurer expat living in a small country of the northeastern part of Europe: Lithuania, currently back in Spain. Pau Mateo started this blog on 2010 to share his daily life, thoughts and travels. Since 2010 he has been to more than 18 new countries and 30 new cities. And many more to come!

In 2014, after going viral with a few of his posts, he was featured on the Lithuanian national newspapers and also on a regional Spanish newspaper.

Not having enough with blogging, he started sharing his thoughts and his passion for the video making with the world. He has two YouTube channels with more than 300,000+ views and 1,300+ subscribers between them.

He has worked with few brands and some of these are: MomondoStethohopeBrathwait WatchesHorizon ProductionsOld Habits ClothingWild Turtle SunglassesNaakTime WatchesNetSite ServicesAzuonMister SpexFujifilm, VisitTallinn, Marrakech Riad, PhotoPills, Tíber Watches… (among many many others)

With a monthly growth of the +33%, it seems that he has found the recipe for a successful blog that brings to his readers useful information about travels, photography and personal development.

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Blog statistics

  • Monthly Pageviews: 40,600+
  • Average Visit Duration: 2:51
  • RSS and notifications subscribers: 128+

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How can we work together?

Before you get started on the collaboration options let me tell you that all my posts are written both in Spanish and English languages. If you have a preference for any of those two languages it could be done in one of them too. Now, if you are a brand, company, house lost in the mountains, blog or anyone from planet earth (if you are not terrestrial you are welcome too) there are plenty of ways we can work together:

– Option 1: Side bar banner.

Get your brand, blog or service on the right side banner of my blog. Link back to the url you wish. The best way to promote yourself to a bigger audience.






The big bad boy: 300 x 160. Your design (either static image or gif) on my blog. Great visibility and high rate of clickability.



The younger bad boy: 300 x 80. Your design (either static image or gif) on my blogLess visibility but a cheaper option.



– Option 2: Social Network(s) Campaign.

I will promote your product on InstagramFacebookYouTube and/or Twitter.

It can be either one, two, three posts (with mention to the profiles of each network) or a full campaign, a.k.a. promoting of the product for a longer time (e.g. 15 pictures with the product, 2 per week at high peak times).

The good thing about this plan is that you can target one certain Social Network or you can choose them all! 🙂

This is the best option if you are looking to grow the number of followers on the different social networks. Also, there’s the possibility to re-post, retweet, mention and/or share any content that I create.




– Option 3: Publish or Write & Publish a post for you.

· Publish: You can send me a pre-formated text (with images included) with the strcuture, the text and all the links back included and I’ll publish it for you on my blog.

· Write: You can tell me the type of text and give me the links you’d like me to link back on the text that I will write for you.


– Option 4: Make a Product Review for you.

You can send me or let me try your product (e.g. gadget, camera, hotel room, adventure pack…) and I’ll make a full and comprehensive review of it. Also, I will take many pictures which after the post goes live you’ll be able to use free of charge in as many places as you’d like to.

– If you still have some questions or you have it clear and want to “cut the crap” and talk about pricing contact me here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂 –

Tu opinión es muy importante para mí, déjame saber qué piensas! :)

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