8 Things you should never do to a Lithuanian

curiosidades 15 de abr. de 2014

Hey there! Here I am again, going to give you few tips to how to treat the聽Lithuanians聽or how not to treat them.

1. Punch them.


(Source)聽Because seriously, who likes to get punched?

2. Ask if Lithuania is a part of Russia.


Really, just don’t. You can check google maps聽and you will find out how they are different countries. Lithuania was the first country to get independent from the Soviet Union!

3. Ask if they only drink vodka.


They do drink vodka. But so do poles, finnish, latvians, estonians… But it’s not the only drink. They are quite good brewers, even one of their beer is considered to be a top world beer.

4. Confuse Lithuania with Poland.


(Source) They are completely different countries. Alright, they might have some similarities, but they usually don’t have a really good禄neighbor禄 relationship.

5. Say that Lithuanians and Russians are the same.


(Source) Obviously they are not. Lithuanians are completely different from Russians and from Poles. They have their own traditions and language, which happens to be one of the oldest in Europe. And, by the way, they are a very proud and national country.

6. Mess around with their national Basketball team.


This is one thing you definitely don’t want to do. Especially if they loose. Oh boy. You better shut up. For them, basketball is the same as religion. Is one of the symbols of their country.

7. Be loud in the public transport.

KAUNAS, Trolleybus lin. 5

(Source) From my own experience, you shouldn’t be loud in the public transportation. This annoys people. In Spain, if someone is loud we don’t really care. In Lithuania they do. And they will tell you to shut the f*** up. Happened to me twice.

8. Give two kisses.


(Source) They usually say hello by shaking hands or hugging. Hug only if you really know them well. Never kiss them. They will stare at you and probably avoid your kiss. A thing that in spanish is known as 芦the cobra芦.

鈫撀燗re you a connoisseur聽of Lithuania?聽鈫

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Here’s a video of my last visit to Lithuania. I hope you’ll like it!.



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