8 Things you should never do to a Lithuanian

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Hey there! Here I am again, going to give you few tips to how to treat the Lithuanians or how not to treat them.

1. Punch them.


 (SourceBecause seriously, who likes to get punched?

2. Ask if Lithuania is a part of Russia.


Really, just don’t. You can check google maps and you will find out how they are different countries. Lithuania was the first country to get independent from the Soviet Union!

3. Ask if they only drink vodka.


They do drink vodka. But so do poles, finnish, latvians, estonians… But it’s not the only drink. They are quite good brewers, even one of their beer is considered to be a top world beer.

4. Confuse Lithuania with Poland.


(Source) They are completely different countries. Alright, they might have some similarities, but they usually don’t have a really good»neighbor» relationship.

5. Say that Lithuanians and Russians are the same.


(Source) Obviously they are not. Lithuanians are completely different from Russians and from Poles. They have their own traditions and language, which happens to be one of the oldest in Europe. And, by the way, they are a very proud and national country.

6. Mess around with their national Basketball team.


This is one thing you definitely don’t want to do. Especially if they loose. Oh boy. You better shut up. For them, basketball is the same as religion. Is one of the symbols of their country.

7. Be loud in the public transport.

KAUNAS, Trolleybus lin. 5

(Source) From my own experience, you shouldn’t be loud in the public transportation. This annoys people. In Spain, if someone is loud we don’t really care. In Lithuania they do. And they will tell you to shut the f*** up. Happened to me twice.

8. Give two kisses.


(Source) They usually say hello by shaking hands or hugging. Hug only if you really know them well. Never kiss them. They will stare at you and probably avoid your kiss. A thing that in spanish is known as «the cobra«.

↓ Are you a connoisseur of Lithuania? ↓

ultimate lithuania


Here’s a video of my last visit to Lithuania. I hope you’ll like it!.


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Comentarios / Comments

  1. ha ha, Really good you was writed 😀 i don’t like to hear when african people so sceaming 😀 we like to relax in the bus:D

  2. As a Lithuanian, I just can say that you were correct in all your listed points. 🙂
    Very true about public transportation and kisses.

    I don’t know why, but we tend to be quiet in buses. I personally put on my earphones and don’t care about surrounding people.

    Good article! It’s always nice to read about your native country from foreigner’s view 🙂

  3. Thanks Tom! It’s just from my own experience, so probably wasn’t very accurate, but now that you say that I was correct, well, that feels good! About the buses, me too. Actually, when I’m back in Spain I feel very strange when people are loud in the public transportations. I guess that I adopted the Lithuanian technique.

    I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  4. I would add fact: „There is no such thing as „baltic countries“ or „baltic states““, there are 3 independent countries, without any exclusive relations. i each day hear this thing and never heard that someone would think that Lithuania and Poland is same thing.

  5. Well done! 🙂

    True about the points that you writte. And the video was really nice and fun to see 🙂

  6. I guess that what people mean with «Baltic States» is the demographic region of this part of Europe, as the Scandinavian States or Mediterranean States. Cheers for commenting!

  7. This one was quite accurate. Even though I dont arguably agree with basketball. It’s a myth that every Lithuanian loves it. Talking about my friends we really dont give a shit about it. Lets say 50% of lithuanians likes it, 20% sometimes watches it and 30% like me, dont really care.
    But yea, I mostly agree with you.

  8. Thanks for your words Deividas! It’s just from the point of view of a foreigner who has been living 4 years, so probably I don’t understand everything yet! Cheers!

  9. I have very good friends who are Lithuanian but i did’nt know it.I know other things you most do it when you are with them!

  10. Before I saw a post of this on FB , I remember coming across ur video in regards to language differences. It is always brilliant to read what people think of my country from their point of view.

    I do have to agree with most of them , except maybe much of a generalisation with basketball , too hyped and not exactly true as mentioned before.

    In terms of kissing as a form of greeting , I personally did that when I was around 15 to 19, that was okay, but older you get kisses go to only close friends (opposite sex) and family members, but they do go.

    As I lived in England for a bit and now Australia , I really noticed many differences , like the one u mentioned about public transport , it all comes from the upraising.

    A very good example would be – Spanish and Italians , when bored or just doing something like to whistle , it is considered super impolite and wrong back home. We actually even have a superstition -»If you’re whistling you’ll whistle all your money away».

    I LOVE BEER!!! I like Estrella too btw 😀 However, whenever I go home Svyturis Baltas and Baltijos is a must!

    Lastly, Spanish is a very passionate language and your culture is complete opposite to Baltic peoples’ , as we are rather nordic behaviour tendencies having humans – cold, reserved and liking a drink 😀 that is why I so enjoyed La Rambla ! 😀

    I started following you on instagram so I guess I will see more of your experiences!

    Take care!

  11. Heh, agreed on most of them. However, I haven’t encountered the one mentioning public transportation. Sometimes me and my friends get kind of loud while on the bus, but that haven’t provoked any reaction whatsoever. Maybe it’s because the majority of people in public transportation are using headphones, and the rest are senior citizens who don’t really mind. P.S. really loved your video ! 🙂

  12. It’s always nice to hear something about my native country from a foreign people. 🙂 And I absolutely agree with everything that is written here (well,except basketball, but I understand why you think so :D). And well, I can say the same thing about football in Spain! I was there when Spain won EURO 2012 😀
    What about buses, well, lithuanian people are more quite in all places (if we compare them to spanish people).

  13. Or maybe it’s because you are Lithuanian! I mean, the fact of me being a foreigner seems to make everything more extreme! Or just sometimes! I’m very happy that you enjoyed my video! Stay tuned for more videos like this one 🙂

  14. I really appreciate your comment and I started following you on Instagram too! How is it going for you in Australia?

    BTW, Estrella is one of my favorite beers EVER!

  15. Last two – true,for sure.
    The rest is kinda true, especially that they consider themselves as a really independent nation, and dislikes all others, unfortunately 🙂 While we all people have something common and something different, so do neighborhood nations.

  16. I would strongly advise NEVER compare Lithuanians with Russians or say they are the same. 😀 That’s a huge mistake… Other observations are quite correctc (we like beer, basketball, we are quiet and never give a kisss to a stranger). Anyway, haven’t heard yet that anyone would think we and Polish are the same. By the way, we have such a strong basketball influence since Soviet times when our team Zalgiris could beat Russians only in sport legally. 😀 I like your video also, it’s fun. 🙂

  17. Maybe they don’t dislike all others, maybe it’s just that they like themselves a lot! Which, I’m kind of jealous about. Such an unite nation!

  18. Hey, nice list! It’s very pleasing for us *Lithuanians* to see foreigners commenting on our country/culture. I could only add, that YES, PL,RU and LT are different countries, with different languages, BUT our culture and specifically history (especially with Poland) is extremely tight up. 😉 Have fun in Lithuania!

  19. Yes, this is so true! I absolutely HATE when I’m being mixed up with being Polish or Russian! Also, one more point to add to your list:
    Never mock a Lithuanian’s name if it ends with an ‘as’. Seriously, just don’t, every single country has different traditions, grammar rules and so on.

  20. Yeah, about the -as, at the beginning for me it was a bit strange, but then got used to it very fast. And you are right, from what I found out, Lithuanians don’t like to be mistaken with the neighboring countries.

  21. Well, about basketball… Once we discussed with friends, that basketball becomes a religion only when we win 😛

    And yes, nice article!

    Šaunuolis 😉

  22. Everything is very true except first one. i believe all people despite their nationality wouldn’t like to be punched. Thanks for your notes as it is very interesting to know how we look in others people eyes.

  23. No tengo mas dinero 🙂 That’s the only thing I can say in Spanish -hehe. That and «No compra biblias»! Best regards to you and yours!

  24. So you’re really lucky if you never heard that someone thinks that Lithuania and Poland or Lithuania and Russia is same thing. I heard far to many times… bit upsetting that peeps (some of them) still don’t know nothing about Lithuania… :/

  25. Heh nice man 🙂 Nice views and I can just confirm that basketball is something special to us unlike some people here trying to tell. Totally disagree with David’s «Lets say 50% of lithuanians likes it, 20% sometimes watches it and 30% like me, dont really care.» He probably didnt even grow up in Lithuania.
    I hope you’re enjoying your experience in Lithuania and good luck 🙂

  26. Goed remark about the behaviour in the busses..Just a week ago from Lithuania and was thinking how proud I am of Lithuanians if I compare it with the public transport in the Netherlands..
    Dutch people talk loudly about things like what they did or are planning to do, what they think and why..In addition those headfones with annoying noise coming through (personally I find it worse than talking loudly).
    In those 10 days of stay in Lithuania I haven’t even once heard people whistling or seen biting their nails or picking their nose!!..:)

  27. You say «Lithuanians are completely different from Russians and from Poles». Really not a very clever statement made by someone who supposedly know very well Lithuanian culture.

    Would you say that Catalans and Andalusians, Lombards and Tuscans, or Italian and Spanish are completely different? From a narrow minded perspective I’d be glad to say so (especially with Napoliteneans and Sicilians!), but it would be a rather silly and untrue assertion…

  28. From my point of view, and as I wrote on my post «they might have some similarities». The same way I think that Catalan and Andalusians (people from the same country so far) have more similarities but different cultures. And so do Italian and Spanish. Anyways, really appreciate your commment!

  29. Oh my Gosh, this is so accurate. This is what the majority of us would agree on. Of course there are and there will always be some people who don’t agree with some of these things. But that’s a small group of people. Don’t worry, you got us right. Good job. At first I thought that I was reading an article from the wikipedia or something, lol.

  30. Andrea, you wish! But your wish doesn’t make it true. Slavs and Balts have very little in common. Neither linguistically, or archiologically. Read the most celebrated archiologist’s, Maria Gimbutas books, one called «The Slavs» and the other «The Balts».

  31. lmao must have been written by lithuanian fuckwit, its a piece of shit country that no one cares about, they think too much of themselves and pretty sure they can defend from russians because nato will help their tiny army with outdated equipment xD country of little faggot clowns

  32. Well, it was written by a Spaniard who loves Lithuania and thinks that is the fastest growing country in Europe. Let me remind you history: The Soviet Union crashed because of the «little faggot clowns» stood up against an oppressive regime and said enough. Maybe they are not a shit country as you think 😉

    PS.: Very easy to hide your identity behind a «labas». Veeery very brave!