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Norway, here I come!

Pau Mateo
Pau Mateo

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The 9th semester of my Medicine studies is done! Today I had my last exam and it (hopefully) went well. So, according to how my university works, now I have a week off. Following a bit the «self-imposed-tradition» that my sister and I decided to start, we are going to travel during this week. Last year we went to Riga (Latvia) and this time we decided to step up the game.

And guess what: I’m finally going to visit Norway. (Duh! We can read it in the post’s name dude!)

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We are leaving on Wednesday the 28th at 06.10 from Vilnius airport (Lithuania) and flying to Ålesund, where we will be spending one night. After that, we will take a bus all the way down to Bergen (a couple of nights in this dreamy looking city) and finally a train to Oslo to spend the last 2 nights of our journey. Summing it up, 900 km, 5 nights, 2 planes, lots of snow and infinite fun. Can’t wait for it!



Pau Mateo

Médico veinti-algo-añero con una pasión por la fotografía y la aventura que es fácilmente contagiable.