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Roll #2. Overexposed.

Pau Mateo
Pau Mateo

Remember how not long time ago I told you that I was Going Analogue? Well, since then I have shot few rolls and I’m sort of getting more experienced.

See, I started taking pictures almost 10 years ago but I’ve always shot digital. Even though for the last 2-3 years I was trying to shoot as much manual as I could, there were so many times that I was taking pictures on automatic mode (shame on me, but when you are doing street photography or action and you just get one chance… well, I want the picture to be perfect 🙂 ). 

Few weeks ago my friend Carl, who, by the way, is a photography expert, medical student and has this awesome blog, gave me a Kodak 400 film. It was my first time shooting at ISO 400 which was a completely new challenge I was more than happy to face.

The problem came when I still had «my chip» in the ISO 200. I forgot to adjust the shutter speed to the proper ISO and many pictures came way too over exposed.

I managed to get some nice shots, even there’s one I’m really glad about, that I took on low light conditions and the film reacted very very good.


Nevertheless, here are the rest of the pictures that I could save from the roll. Hope you will enjoy them 🙂

000002000003000004000005000006000013000014000015000023000026000027 All the pictures were taking between Vilnius and Kaunas in the month of October 2015. 


Pau Mateo

Médico veinti-algo-añero con una pasión por la fotografía y la aventura que es fácilmente contagiable.