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Pau Mateo
Pau Mateo

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As you probably now, on July I attended to the Bilbao BBK Live 2013 festival, which was quite awesome. To keep the awesomeness up, I’m giving away an iTunes card of 10 free random songs (of the bands that came to the festival) for free!!

The only thing that you need to do if you want to be elected to get the prize is subscribe to my mailing list. That’s it. So easy! (Plus you will get all my new posts straight to your email, without the need to check always my web).

– Pau, I would really like to subscribe to your blog and if I’m lucky enough to get the 10 free songs. But, how do I do it?

It’s easier than what it seems. On the right side of my blog, just below the social network links, there’s a space for you to write your email and a button to Subscribe. You just need to write your email, press the button and wait for the confirmation email that will say that you accept to subscribe to my newsletter. That’s it.

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Don’t click this one, check upper, on the right side 😀

The end line will be the 25th of August!


Pau Mateo

Médico veinti-algo-añero con una pasión por la fotografía y la aventura que es fácilmente contagiable.