Europe 5 de jul. de 2013


After spending a couple of days in Kaunas to relax a bit and get more clothes and clean the dirty ones, we went to Ignalina, where we would spend 4 days. The day after we got to Ignalina, we decided, improvising a bit, to visit Daugavpils (Latvia) because it was so close to the Lithuanian border. Well, what to say about this city… yeah, it’s the second biggest city in Latvia but that doesn’t make it a beautiful one. Yeah, they have a river and everything is so green, but there’s not too much to see.

So basically we got there, walked around the city, emptied our bladders, took the car and drove somewhere else in the city, eat a lot in a Bistro (and also had a Latvian beer) and went back to Lithuania. When we were coming back I had this strange feeling that I was going back home. I say strange because I’m not lithuanian. Something which is not hard to find out if you see a picture of me.

Anyways, we had sort of fun there. I couldn’t take so many pictures because I forgot to charge the batteries of my camera (stupid, stupid, stupid) but at least I could take a few of them.


Pau Mateo

Médico veinti-algo-añero con una pasión por la fotografía y la aventura que es fácilmente contagiable.