Phew! It’s been a long time since I don’t write about my Eurotrip and I’m sorry about that. I just had so many other things to do and forgot a bit about telling that story.

Anyways, if you don’t remember what we did on the previous day, check it up here. Done? Alright, let’s continue with the story.

If there’s one thing that pops into my mind when someone says Lithuania it’s the green colour. The quantity of woods that you can find in that country per total surface it’s incredible!! I read somewhere that the 30% of the total area is forest.

That day we spent visiting one beautiful national park, consideredAukstaitijos_nacionalinis_parkas to be the oldest one in the country the Aukštaitija National Park. That wasn’t the first time that I was in that place, because many weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a festival of electro-minimal-weird music. The SŪPYNĖS music festivalThis park has an area of 405.70 km² and the nearest city to it is IgnalinaYey!!

Monika took me to one special place, called Ladakalnis where you are supposed to carry a stone from the bottom of the hill to the top. Then you leave it next to a tree and make a wish. The bigger the stone the bigger the chances you get for the wish to become true. Check, by the way, the pictures that I took in that area of Lithuania.

Ladakalnis is a 175m height hill from which you can see 6 different lakes. A really nice (according to how the lithuanians call it) «mountain» to chill, take some pictures and enjoy the sightseeing.

Once that we were back on our steps, there was another small village that we had to visit, Ginučiai, famous for its 19th century mill and located in the shore of one of the lakes that you can see from Ladakalnis, the Linkmenas lake. The population of that place is considered to be around 70 people. Not thousand no, just 70.

Yeah, if all those names sound like a tongue twister for you, try to imagine how were my firsts months here. One day I will probably tell you some funny anecdotes about my first year in Lithuania.

Then after having this «safari» through the forests and lakes, we went back to Ignalina, where we would spend our last night before going back to Kaunas and then to… Barcelona!