oldhabits3 copia

Hey there! Today I wanted to tell to you about one new collab that I’m super happy about. The brand is called Old Habits and it’s made by three guys that met each other while studying in uni. It’s a very new and fresh brand, with very cool designs (so far they only have t-shirts, but stay tuned because from what I’ve been told, they plan to start producing other types of clothing).

This is one of those brands that now are à la mode and as they would define using their own motto: Élégance authentique dans la peau (authentic elegance in the skin). 

One of the things I like the most about Old Habits is that they are not only a t-shirt brand. It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of seeing the life, using a simple logo to make everything more elegant.

Also, this is a shout out for the riders that read my blog, if you are a biker, longboarder, skater or whatever you are, you should contact them and you might get the chance to be part of their Fuck Team (this doesn’t mean that they will provide you sex or stuff, it’s just a name, dude).

That’s all for today! If you guys want to check more about Old Habits, be sure to press like on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!!