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As you probably know (since this is a travel blog) I love to travel. So so very very much. As you probably know too, I’m still a student. Which basically means that my budget is quite small. One of the things that used to be very expensive to buy were the plane tickets. And I say used because I found Azuon.

This is my favourite Software to find the cheapest flights ever. There’s even a function that you can just choose where you are flying from, let’s say in my case Kaunas or Vilnius, the dates and as destination you choose Europe. Then the software is going to find the cheapest place to travel to. Amazing. This is actually how I managed to pay just 30€ for both of my tickets (back and forth) to Norway at the beginning of this year.

The Startup based in Indonesia and I are partnering up to bring you guys the possibility to try their services free for a month! Nevertheless, if you decide to buy their services it’s only 23,04€ for a whole year! And trust me, investing those euros will make you save more in the future!

To participate in the Giveaway of 5 one-month codes, all that you have to do is:

  1. Go like their Facebook Page.
  2. Go like my Facebook Page.
  3. Share it on Facebook by clicking here!
  4. Write a comment down below telling me where you’d like to travel next!

The winners will be announced via my Facebook Page within a month! So make sure you wrote your comment by then! 🙂


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