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Few months ago I was lucky enough to find a Zenit E second hand camera for 16€. Yes, you read that right, 16€. My camera was built in the year 1970 (approximately) and was being sold at a second hand shop here in Kaunas. It needed to be serviced, but at that time when I bought it I didn’t have the cash to get it repaired.

After I got it fixed I bought a Fujifilm  c200 with 24 pictures in it and started shooting like there was no tomorrow. A week and and a trip to Tallinn later, I brought the film roll to the lab, and I got the result. A couple of pictures were over exposed and two of them were under exposed. Nevertheless, I’m mega happy with the result. So happy that I’m considering going analogue more often. Here are some of the pictures I took with my Zenit E. Hope you will like’em 🙂




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