I hated Phnom Penh

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CrossroadThe transporters

MotorbikersMonk on a motorbike

Royal PalaceRoyal Palace

Royal PalaceRoyal Palace

Inside the tuk-tukThe bathing man

I hated Phnom Penh. But don’t get me wrong. I hadn’t slept for almost 48 hours and took 3 flights to reach that crowded and dusty city. Plus it was the first time I was in South East Asia. And you know, when everyone tells you that there’s such thing as a ‘cultural shock’ the first time you enter SEAsia, well, it happens. The struggle is real.

I got very overwhelmed by a not very friendly nor helpful border police man who was looking at me in a sort of very-worrying-way. Or maybe I was too tired. 

Then, (and I’m truly not making this up) we got surrounded by 20 tuk-tuk drivers who wanted to bring us to the hostel we were staying in.

Driver: Is it your first time in Cambodia?

Me: No! No! Second time! Second time!

Miguel (the guy I traveled with): (Talking in Spanish) Why did you lie?

Me: I’ve heard that you have to always say that it’s your second time. This way you’ll avoid rip offs.

Miguel: If you say so…

Driver: Then, welcome to Cambodia, again. Smiley face.

After we had a great sleep next day was different. Still a bit rough to get used to it, but ended up loving Cambodia’s Capital, Phnom Penh.

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