Roll #3. Burnt.

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I will remember this roll for a long long time. I gave my camera to Ginevra so that she could photograph her journey in Stockholm and Copenhagen. One day into her journey I get a message telling that the camera got stuck and there are no more pictures to be taken. «That’s weird – I told her. I only took 6 pictures with that roll, so, theoretically you should have 30 more shots.» 

After she got back to Kaunas (where I lived at that time, I don’t live there anymore) I saw that there were still some pictures to be taken. So we did so.

Things got weird after I shot 50 times with a 36 shots roll. And worst of all, I couldn’t rewind it. I decided to open the camera (with the film still inside) to understand what was going on inside. Are you crazy?! (you might think), well, I had no other option. Unfortunately Fortunately there was still some film inside. So it got burnt.

I thought that everything got ruined but anyways I decided to give it a chance and bring it to my lab in Kaunas (which, if I can be honest, I miss a lot). Anyways, it was going to be 2€ to develop the film so, why not?

To my surprise many pictures came out. And with a wonderful burnt effect. 

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