South Korea here I come

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I am very excited to tell you guys that from today, June the 23rd, I am officially on summer vacation mode. Yey! It’s been a quite tough year, many changes (relationships and academic) but now everything is quite good and IT’S SUMMER HELL YEAH. 

So, moving on, the 6th of July I will be flying from Madrid (Spain’s capital, if you didn’t know that) to Istambul, where I will be getting another plane to fly to Seoul (South Korea). I am a bit nervous about this trip because it will be the first time that I’ll be taking an Intercontinental flight 100% solo. I guess it’s just a bit of stress and excitement. Everything will go smooth and perfect (or that’s what I tell to myself). And I can kind of say that I’m mastering this go-to-an-airport-and-take-a-flight-thing. Well, it’s been 4 years now in Lithuania and since then I’ve taken about 40+ flights.

I won’t be traveling solo in South Korea. I’m going to visit a friend of mine, Jae. If you were following my blog 2 years ago, that name will sound familiar to you. It’s the guy that I went to Liverpool with. It’s been two years since we don’t see each other and I can’t wait to meet him again. Don’t worry guys, you will get to meet him in some of my veelogs. 

I won’t be vlogging nor blogging daily (during the journey), because I really want to relax over there and kind of disconnect from my daily world. But, one thing that I will be doing daily will be posting photos on my Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram, no problem. You can check this link ( where all the pictures from Instagram will be automatically shown over there.

The hashtag that I will be using for this journey will be  #FateuserInKorea.

That’s all for now, I wish you a happy and productive day and read you in the comments!

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