Did I ever tell you how much I love SpotifyWHAT? YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SPOTIFY IS?




Spotify is a commercial music streaming service. In other words, it’s like heaven for music addicts like me. I started using it 5 years ago (phew! it’s been such a long time) and since the year 2010 I’m a premium user (I pay monthly to be cooler than you) which is quite good if you want to use it in your phone 24/7. 

Those guys (swedish invention, by the way) created something really good and ever since they are making it better and better. I don’t really know what swedes have (Ikea, Volvo, Swedish girls…) but this thingie here (Spotify) is really worth it.

(Just for you to know, even though I’m promoting them I don’t get paid for it. I wish I was.)

And one of the last things that they’ve done that really got me re-loving-them-again was this.

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-26 a les 0.47.37

Isn’t that amazing? The statistics of my 2013 and all the music that I’ve listened to! (Obviously on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud or Itunes don’t appear here). It might not be that awesome for you but for me (since I’m a geek-nerd-music-addict-whatever) it is :).

That’s all for today folks! Just one last reminder. If you have Spotify (I wrote that word around 7 times during the post) you can subscribe to my playlist 100 Songs you should be listening.