The 23rd of February 2011, I shared my first post on this blog. Going through the old posts, the old me, it’s such an interesting process. I like to remember how I thought then, how I felt then and what things I liked (or loved) almost 6 years ago. At that time I was a first year medical student, and nowadays, I’m just 8 months apart (if everything goes as planned) of getting my Diploma, that will say that I’m a Physician.

That sounds both scary and exciting at the same time. Living 6 years in Lithuania has taught me many things, it has changed me in a better way and has both showed me the great and the worst part of me.

On Sundays I’ll start sharing these type of articles, from a more personal point of view. Something to bring you closer to the depths of my personal being always respecting the boundaries and the privacy that I’d like to keep.

If you can close your eyes for a second and check where do you see yourself in 5 years, where would that be?