It all started about 6 months ago, Christmas time. I was with my friend Miguel, having a beer and a sandwich at our favourite catch-up-place here in Logroño (Spain) and we started brainstorming about what we could be doing the upcoming summer. The last trip we had done together was when we were 18 and it was our trip around Europe with the InterRail tickets.

For this time we decided to step up the game. He had never been in Asia before (I had the luck to travel to South Korea last summerand we came to a common idea that South East Asia was quite interesting to travel.

And that was it. We planted a seed that began to sprout and grew quite fast.

The travel: Cambodia and Laos (and one last night in Bangkok) during 21 days. 5 vaccines and anti mosquito liquid included.

Briefing it up, tomorrow we are going to Madrid, catching up a flight to Bangkok (layover in Dubai) and once we are in Bangkok we will be taking another flight to Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s capital). And from there, adventure. The map above shows more or less the route that we will be following. About 3,500km that we will cover up by plane, boat, bus, train, motorbike and feet.

As I usually do, I’ll be sharing the whole experience on my instagram and if you don’t have instagram you can click here: daily.fateuser.com. Also, as I new thing this year I’ll be sharing a daily video blog on my youtube channel.

I wish you all a great summer full of adventures!