Who doesn’t love sun? When you go through a Lithuanian Winter were the lack of sun is one of the most remarkable facts every single time that you see a sunbeam you have to exploit it as much as you can.

I took those pictures in a place called apparently 4 Letenos (never heard that name before) that we, the locals (well, after being here almost 4 years I think I have the right to considering myself as local too) call it The Island. 

the bridge

indy et michael


When the sun shines in the sky, I get happy. And I do like the Lithuanians do. I go to the street, wear my shades and enjoy the wonderful nature that this country has to offer.

indy snow


indy moving

indy jump

The dog in the pictures, Indy, is not my dog. It is my Swiss friend’s dog. I want to get one too. Probably I will. Soon.