Welcoming the summer with a barbecue

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That’s one thing my friends and I try to do as often as we can. Gather all together, tons of food, lots of beer and chill. Good vibes. I really enjoy those meetings because as I’m the only one that is living abroad (not in Spain) I tend to miss much stuff that is going on here, so I use that kind of events to stay updated about my friends’ life and adventures.

We always have kind of the same problem: too much food. Really. We try our best to not buy much more than needed, but we never succeed.

In Spain, and especially in the region I grew in we do the barbecue in a different way: as you can see on the second picture, the branches that we use to get the hot ashes are from vine plants (yes, the ones where the grapes grow from). La Rioja is a very famous county for its wine, that’s why we have lots and lots of vine plants all over the landscape.

I do feel the difference when using different types of firewood. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention: we almost burnt to the ground my friend’s place. But that’s another story to tell!

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