Asia 29 de oct. de 2015


Dude, what in the seven worlds does Kandoenthang mean? As you probably know, on this summer (summer of 2015, just in case you are reading this in 2016 or 2014 😀 ) I spent 3 weeks traveling around South East Asia with my best friend.

Kandoenthang means journey in Khmer (the language they speak in Cambodia, or this is what google translator told me 🙂 ). In addition to all the stuff I brought over (clothes, medicines, shoes, and, ehm… books) I brought my cameras along with me to try to document almost everything, so that after the journey I could show you guys how was it. So that’s what’s all about. A short documentary of few parts (haven’t decided how many yet) in which I will show you how was the whole trip around South East Asia 🙂

I have recently released the first part of the Documentary Kandoenthang. 

Let me know what you think!



Pau Mateo

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