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Dude, what in the seven worlds does Kandoenthang mean? As you probably know, on this summer (summer of 2015, just in case you are reading this in 2016 or 2014 😀 ) I spent 3 weeks traveling around South East Asia with my best friend.

Kandoenthang means journey in Khmer (the language they speak in Cambodia, or this is what google translator told me 🙂 ). In addition to all the stuff I brought over (clothes, medicines, shoes, and, ehm… books) I brought my cameras along with me to try to document almost everything, so that after the journey I could show you guys how was it. So that’s what’s all about. A short documentary of few parts (haven’t decided how many yet) in which I will show you how was the whole trip around South East Asia 🙂

I have recently released the first part of the Documentary Kandoenthang. 

Let me know what you think!


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