Perfect landscape.
Light through.

There are sometimes that you are fed up of everything and you totally disconnect with the outer world to enjoy the nature and the simple things in life: sunrise, sun warmth, cold, fresh air, water, breeze, wind, storm. That’s what I like to call a Zen Place.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed to go there of course, but have in mind that every time that you will go you will come back with your energy reloaded and your good mood re-activated.

To the question mountain or sea? I can’t really choose one answer. They are both so different and yet so magical. My connection with the sea is especial: since I was 13 (or so) years old I started snorkeling with my parents and sister, and the fact that every-single-time I was pushing more and more to try to reach more depth, woah, that really fulfills me. Not so long time ago I had the chance to experience a new kind of interaction with the sea.

I got my first skis on when I was 7 years old and since then I totally fell in love with the snow and the mountains. The feeling of the speed, the cold air, the sound of your skis sliding the snow… That’s amazing. I truly can’t wait for the winter to come. I would like to cross out one of the things on my bucket list: heli-ski. Which basically is you get into a helicopter, they «fly you» to the top of the mountain and you ski all the way down to the bottom. 100% pure virgin snow.

We will see how that works.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,